Friday, December 15, 2006

Show Day in Milwaukee

Today we're at the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee. Shit gig of all shit gigs. Any roadie reading this is shaking his head in agreement. Disgusting place. You'd think as many years as this place has been around that they would have made some improvements by now. But, no…

Fucking crook of a promoter, too. We made the decision weeks ago to click the doors tonight. By that I mean we'll have people positioned at each entry point with "clicker counters" to count the number of people coming into the building. This building is notorious for putting far more people into the building than the number of tickets sold, which is just plain stealing money from the band. I'm taking the main entrance myself, which I always do when clicking.

When the promoter heard that we we're clicking, he went through the roof. He sent his people to click as well, thinking that we were trying to pull a fast one on his sorry ass. He also called me pretty much every nasty thing you can think of.

I wound up at the door for almost three and a half hours. I personally clicked 3,963 patrons while I was there. Around 7, the city attorney showed up at the request of the promoter, and I overheard dickwad ragging on me again. The shithead was still so pissed off at the end of the show that he sent his flunky to settle with me instead of doing it himself. Assface…

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