Sunday, December 3, 2006

Show Day in Ventura

As usual, woke up well ahead of the alarm. 6:44 to be precise. Tried to go back to sleep, but my brain kicked in, so I finally got up about 7:15.

Today's show is at the Majestic Ventura Theatre here in Ventura. Hey, which way to the Ventura Highway? Downloaded that song just for today.

Not fuzzy-brained at all today, just need more sleep. Today is show 3 of 4-in-a-row, followed by a long day-off-killing bus ride to Seattle, where I’m supposed to have dinner with a buddy, but we may not make it there in time.

We were originally gonna have a day off in LA today. Woulda been nice. We had rooms booked at the Grafton, my fave little boutique hotel on Sunset Strip in Hollywood. My fave LA burrito joint, Poquito Mas is about a block away – unbelievably good food – but I guess that'll have to wait until my next visit to Cali.

The show goes well. Watched one song, went back to work.

My promoter rep today is a really cool dude named Nokey. Having never heard the name before (and being a totally nosey fuck), I asked him the origin of his name. Turns out his older sister had a terminal illness and was allowed to choose the name of her baby brother who wound up being born shortly after she died. She chose Pinnochio, and he uses Nokey as his nickname.

I thought that was a great story!

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