Friday, December 22, 2006

Travel Day Home - Headin' To The House

Uneventful morning and trip to the St. Louis airport. Ran into Patrick Murphy in the terminal and hung out with him for about an hour. Flight was a little bumpy as we neared the bad weather over the Carolinas.

Greg Howard picked me up at the airport and delivered my butt home by about 6pm. Met the gang at the Ale House for dinner, then I went back home for some unpacking action.

Blew out of the house around 10 to hit 3 Christmas parties.

First up is the Deep South/96-Rock FM shindig at Tir na Nog. John Custer's new cover band Marvel is playing. All good players. Interesting choice of songs. Best version of "Ziggy Stardust" I've ever heard. Run into Dave Rose and hang out with him for a while. Meet "Crash", the afternoon DJ from 96-Rock. Funny guy. Went to ECU, so we start swapping Attic/Joe Tronto stories. This guy had me in stitches. Joe Tronto's an old buddy of mine and he owned the Attic for many years. One of the best clubs in the state. I have many memories of working for many bands in that joint.

My second stop is the Guitartown party out at Hideaway BBQ, the new cool restaurant and venue in town. I ran into a bunch of folks I know there, too, including Mark Lynch from Charlotte who's playing in the band when I walk in. I'm told that damn ol' Carina ditched just before I got there. Fucker!

Last stop of the night is the party at Northside, my home away from home. Got there about 1:15 and spent the remainder of the night posted up at the bar catching up with Skin. He's the King of Regulars at Northside – he's pretty much always there when I drop by. Skin doesn't drink; he just enjoys the place and the people.

Finally make it home sometime after 2:30am. G'night…

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