Friday, December 29, 2006

Day Off at Home

Really haven't gotten much accomplished this week, just putzing around the house trying to finish the tour paperwork and get settled in.

My new stormdoor was installed today, leading out onto the deck at the rear of the house. Bit-by-bit, bit-by-bit…

Cable dude came out and swapped my DVR, the hard drive of which was starting to take a shit.

My buddy Foy came over mid-afternoon. We sat on the porch and slapped back a couple of beers before he split. Those 2 beers sure made my 6pm run a lot more interesting. Today was the 3rd day I've run – started back Wednesday.

Went to dinner with Jeff & Kim at Salsa Fresh. My friend Gretchen and her husband Chris are in town from Maryland, and they joined us.

Drove my car home around 10pm, parked it, and walked over to Northside. Next thing ya know, it's 2am, so I walk home and sat up watching TV for a bit. Woke up in the chair around 4am, and crawled off to bed.

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