Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Show Day in Chicago

The lovely (NOT!) Aragon Ballroom in Chicago is the site of today's show. Only holds 4500 people and this show has been sold out for weeks.

After sound check is finished (around 4:30pm), everyone in the crew is called to front of house, the area where the sound and lighting consoles are set up. Our tour manager Shabba makes a speech to everyone and then proceeds to start pulling out some hilarious trophies for us. Robert Long (the production manager) and I got the biggest ones. Mine proclaims me the "Accountant Of The Year, Bob Davis" and underneath that it's engraved "Don't Fuck With My Money". Awesome. I'll get a photo of it before I ship it home and post it here.

I shipped a couple of other boxes home earlier today. One full of backup files and the other full of schwag I've accumulated.

My friend Evie is our masseuse today, but she doesn't get much action so she hangs out with me a bunch until she splits during our set.

Our bottom-of-the-bill support band, "Boys Like Girls" completely trashed their dressing room tonight after the show. I saw it well after the fact. It was disgusting. All kinds of shit thrown all over the place, a broken lamp, about 60-70 empty beer cans and bottles, furniture overturned – just a fucking mess. I was told that they had opened the windows (2nd floor, overlooking a very busy street) and were throwing trash out of them.

Justice from our production manager was swift. No dressing room items for them tomorrow, in fact, no dressing room at all. No nothing. And they'll have to leave the building after they load their gear out.

Fucking morons…

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