Saturday, December 2, 2006

Show Day in Los Angeles

Yeah, I guess I deserve this. Shouldn't have gone to bed so early. Wide awake at 5:44am, thanks to the wonderful road surfaces here in SoCal. Feels like we're riding on a giant washboard for about 10 miles. I rolled over onto my back and it was knocking the air out of me with every bump. Weird. After we got away from that, I laid there for about 40 minutes trying to go back to sleep to no avail. Up and at 'em. Long day ahead here in L.A.

Today's show is at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City. Used to be called Universal Amphitheatre back in the day. Now Gibson Guitars is the main sponsor. Right outside my office there's a photo of Robert Plant that was taken on the night of his show here in October 1993. I was tour managing Cry Of Love at the time, who were his opening act.

As I've said before in this blog o' mine, the three toughest shows you'll do with any artist are always New York, L.A., and the band's hometown. Today's the third of those three. Pile into that equation all of the Los Angeles-area label, management, biz management, and press people and it makes for a hell of a day.

Today may well be the least chaotic L.A. show day I've ever had. Had some problems with the settlement that required hitting the promoter in the head with a claw hammer, but eventually I got my money…

After the show, I had schmooze duty. My old friend Lauren from Miami is now living here, and by sheer coincidence is the assistant to the Rejects' A&R guy at the label. Small world. Promised her I'd hang out and have a couple of beers with her.

Also, my day-to-day biz manager person Kim has come out to see the show, meet me, and pick up some show files from me. Promised her the same thing – the hang time and the couple of beers. And…

Tracy, the travel agent who's been handling the majority of my tours since '02 has dropped by. She brings the heat (if you know what I mean). Tonight, she also brings the lovely Jeany Kim, who is about 6-foot-1 of some serious Asian honey. And funny as hell, too. Since we dragged them away from some event they were attending, I had to do some hang time with them, too.

All of which means I got in bed far too drunk and far too late on a school night. I guess 7:30am is gonna come hard and heavy…

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