Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Day Off in Green Bay

Cool. The hotel today is all suites. And there's a washer/dryer on the floor below me. Today's my "last load" of the tour. I'm keeping enough clean clothes to finish the tour, and shipping the rest home, along with some stuff I've accumulated along the way. On some tours, you're lucky if you get anything. On this tour, there's been a bunch of schwag rolling in – t-shirts, hoodies, a cool jacket, a really cool fleece, and what no one knows yet is that we're all getting iPod Shuffles with the band's logo engraved on it. I know this because a buddy of mine in Phoenix owns the company that's selling them to us and doing the engraving. Looks like this:

Free beer in the lobby from 5-7pm today. I met a bunch of crew folks down there with the intention of drinking for an hour or so, ordering some dinner, then heading back to my room to watch a couple of TV shows.

Oh, well.

Got back to the room at stupid 'o clock, drunker than Cooter Brown…

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