Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Travel Day to Los Angeles

Well, a lot has happened since I last posted anything. On the Monday following my arrival home, all the windows in the house were replaced. Pioneer Exteriors did a great job and I'm really happy about it.

I hired Paige's mom to clean the empty house top to bottom the day after the windows were done. Then I hired a friend's daughter for a couple of days to help me pack. Then I hired Foy & Terry's son Cooper to help me move everything that we could move in his pickup truck.

Thursday the 25th, Paul Dickerson (the king of pinballs) came to pick up my 3 pinball machines. They went to his shop, where he and his son went over them with a fine-toothed comb before delivering them to the house on the 29th.

On Friday the 26th, the movers came for the big stuff (like the bed). That was the first of 5 nights I got to sleep in the house before leaving town. Spent a lot of time shuffling stuff around and getting ready to leave town for 3 months.

As usual, I had car trouble 3 days before leaving. As I'm writing this at the airport, the car's sitting in the driveway dead. Couldn't get it to my Honda guys because they were closed for the long weekend and I had no time to deal with it Tuesday due to all the last-minute stuff I had to get done. I ran around in a rental car for 2 days and turned it in this morning.

Went to the United counter to discover that my flight was YESTERDAY! Gee, is it just me, or do ya think they should have booked me on the proper date????? Evidently, the tour director books all the flights and hotels herself, which is a HUGE mistake. She seriously needs to be using a rock 'n roll travel agent. You know, someone who specializes in large group logistics. I called and woke her up in her hotel room in L.A. (5:15am her time). 30 minutes later, I'm heading to the other terminal. Now I'm on USAirways, going through Charlotte, and won't get to L.A until 6pm.

Finally made it to the hotel around 7:30. Meet a bunch of folks in the lobby. Nothing much going on tonight. I cross the street for a burrito around 9, wind up in bed around 11.

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