Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Day Off in Las Vegas

Man, I swear I'm gonna have to kill this bus driver. I like him as a person, but he's a terrible driver. He drives a bus full of people the same way he'd drive a load of dishwashers.

Which means I spent most of last night holding on as best I could so I wouldn't get thrown out of my bunk. Part of it's this crappy bus, with its crappy suspension, but his heavy gas/heavy brake driving sucks.

Good news: Day off.

Bad news: Day off in Las Vegas.

Good news: There's a brand new Johnny Rocket's directly across the street from our hotel, the Hard Rock.

It's 92 degrees as we pull up. Most of us don't get room keys until around 3pm, which means we spend about 90 minutes goofing off.

I spend a lazy day in my room. Walk over to Johnny Rocket's and grab a veggie burger for dinner, then watch some TV and do some blogging.

In bed around midnight.

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