Sunday, May 7, 2006

Show Day in Los Angeles

Ouch! My head hurts.

I kept dreaming that I had to get up early today and I was gonna miss bus call. In reality, bus call's not until 4:45 this afternoon. We're already loaded in from yesterday's show, so we just have to show up in time for sound check/rehearsal at 5.

I eventually crawl out of bed around 9. Feel like crap. Make some phone calls, do some work, etc.

Around 2pm, I walk down the big hill to Cahuenga Blvd. From the hotel, it's about three-quarters of a mile to the nearest Poquito Mas. If you never been to L.A., I gotta tell ya, this is the best damn burrito place I've ever been to. I always get the Grilled Ahi-Tuna Burrito. Simply amazing.

Now that walk back UP the damn hill was fun. I'm still nursing my head, but the fresh air is definitely helping. I churn up the hill and by the time I hit the top I'm winded but feel a lot better. The hill is about 3 blocks straight up – it'll give pretty much any hill in San Francisco a run for its money.

Take a little nap while watching The Bone Collector on TV. Head downstairs just in time for bus call. Do the gig, then head back to the hotel after load out. No bar for me tonight, just lots of sleep.

Try to watch Bill Mayer on HBO, but can't keep my eyes open. Lights out just before 2.

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