Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Travel Day, Heading Home

Up by 7. Hang out at Starbuck for 90 minutes, enjoying a leisurely breakfast and people watching.

Check out and grab a cab around 11:40. I'm at O'Hare by noon. Head to my gate and chill. As the plane is boarding, I run take a leak. As I’m doing so, I take note that the PA system's playing "Amazing Grace." I'm sorry, but to me that's called FUNERAL MUSIC! OK, maybe not officially, but most folks associate that song with funerals. Why on earth would you play such a song? People are already wiggy about flying. Well, OK, not me, but come ON!

Back waiting by the gate. I hate standing in line inside the jetway, so I’m generally one of the last 2 or 3 people to get on. There's an alarm bell ringing from inside the jetway. Just keeps going and going. Stops. Starts again. Another guy standing there looks at me, seems he's a little panicky about it. He asks the gate attendant what's up with the alarm. Amazingly, the attendant says "I don't know what it is. Just some alarm." Hey, great answer, buddy. Isn't it part of your job to put your customers at ease?


Land at RDU. Greg picks me up and whisks me home. I make a couple of calls to arrange dinner plans. Run to my house to look at my beautiful new floors. Meet Foy at the Ale House and the drinking commences. His wife Terry joins us an hour later for dinner, then we head up the hill to Northside Billiards for more beer.

I split around 11:30 and go around the corner to the house. Lay my dumb ass down on my floors and just enjoy the moment. I really do want to move in during this break – there's just sooooo many details to handle to make it happen.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

how long you in town?

Bobzilla said...

Flying out May 31st for the summer...