Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Show Day in Denver

Up at 6am. Get showered, dressed, packed, checked out, loaded onto the bus and across the street to Starbucks by 8am. I've got a lot on my mind today, trying to decide which one of these 2 gigs I want to commit to. And I only have until lunchtime today to make my decision.

Finally decide that I'm gonna do the And 1 Tour, which is a basketball exhibition of sorts. And 1 is a shoe company, and they sponsor the tour. The whole tour is being promoted by AEG, who is the number two promoter in the country behind LiveNation (formerly Clear Channel). I'll be on this one from June 2nd until August 31st. It most likely means that I won't get to do Audioslave, but their schedule is totally up in the air right now, and there's no way I'm gonna turn down this much steady money over the summer.

The only downside to doing this tour is the fact that now I can't move into my house until September. I mean, I could probably make it happen in the 2 weeks I have off between tours, but I'm coming off 3 straight months of R. Kelly and going into 3 straight month of And 1.

So screw it, I wanna just relax during my break. I can move in September.

Ten shows and counting down as of today. Long drive to Las Vegas tonight.

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