Thursday, May 4, 2006

Show Day in Las Vegas

Up at 6am. Didn't really wanna be, just happened that way. Gonna be a looong day.

Found out today that after I go to Chicago for a couple of days following this tour, I then have to go to St. Louis for a day to meet with the AEG folks about my next gig, the And 1 Tour. Which only cuts further into the time I get to spend at home. Criminy…

Typical day, except that we lost internet service around lunchtime and never got it back. After the show, I had to resort to using AOL dialup service to send my work files to management. I'd forgotten how freakin' slow dialup service can be. My 2mb settlement file took 22 minutes to send out. I think whenever I finally move into the house in September, maybe I'll get Roadrunner from TW Cable.

Out to the bus around 1am. Think I'll do bunkyworld a little early tonight…

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