Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day Off in Buffalo, NY

Woke up at 6am this morning, just a few minutes after Charlie had parked in front of the hotel. He'd already gone in and picked up all of our room keys and was spreading them out on the table in the front lounge when I came out of the bunk area. Everyone else was still sound asleep.

I grabbed my bags and headed up to my room. Got changed and headed down to the hotel gym. My legs were still in pretty rough shape and I wasn’t sure I could run, but I was damn sure gonna try.

Only managed a couple of miles before I had to pack it in. Guess I really needed that extra day of rest between runs. Can't wait for Wednesday to get here. That'll be our next day off, spent in Cincinnati. Anyway, after the run, I walked around the downtown area for a bit. It was a brisk 49 or 50 degrees, and I was soaked with sweat and only wearing a t-shirt and shorts, so I walked at a pretty good pace to stay warm.

After that, I putzed around the room, and spent some time on the computer. Turned the TV on to watch the race around 1:30, only to discover that the FOX channel had no audio. The other 95 channels on the set were just fine, no problems at all, but FOX's audio was o-u-t. Bummer.

Around 5, I headed down to the bar to wait for Denise to come pick me up. Denise is my buddy Blaine's girlfriend, and she lives here in Buffalo. Our new carpenter Minh was hanging out, and after Denise got there, we jumped in her car and headed over to Frank & Teressa's Anchor Bar, where Buffalo Wings were invented back in 1964.

Live Nation Julie was already out walking around in that neighborhood, so when I called her, she was only a few minutes away and would meet us there. When we got there, we discovered 2 other groups of crew folks already settled in, one in the dining room, the other at the bar. We grabbed a bunch of stools at the bar and chowed down. Not being a wing eater, I had the fish and chips, but made sure to put plenty of their famous Suicide Sauce on it.

After dinner, Julie, Minh and I jumped in with Denise and she gave us a proper tour of some of the better parts of Buffalo. Saw a lot of great neighborhoods and a few places I'd like to visit next time I have a day off here.

Back in my room by about 10…

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Anonymous said...

I had to mute the Fox broadcast of the race Sunday, as the "crew" sank to a series of new lows in banality. I'm going to have to start doing what I do when Dick Vitale is doing the TV broadcast of an ACC basketball game: watch the TV but listen to the radio. Ooops, maybe not too many MRN or PRN affiliate radio stations in the Great White North, eh?