Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day Off in Virginia Beach, VA

I predicted last night that we'd make it to our hotel today around 3pm. It was a 760-mile drive from the Birmingham venue we played last night. We pulled up to the front door of the hotel at 2:59…

I'm that good.

Threw my shit into my room, cranked up (or down, if you prefer) the A/C, put on my running duds and took off. Wound up running down the sidewalk that ran along Virginia Beach Blvd. Ran a couple of miles and walked a couple more. Back to the hotel for some work and a shower, then later met my buddy Brent Carpenter in the lobby to go have drinks and dinner. Brent is Rush's Monitor Engineer and he just moved down to Virginia Beach a couple of months ago from New York. We last toured together on the 2006 All-American Rejects US Tour.

I have to admit to everyone who loves my guacamole that Brent pretty much taught me everything I know about making the stuff. To my own credit, I tend to put a helluva lot more garlic in mine than he does in his, but it's basically the same recipe.

My dinner club gang showed up while we were sitting there in the lobby, so we all went across the street to McCormick & Schmick's. After dinner, Brent and I sat at my lobby bar for a nightcap.

I headed up to my room shortly after 11pm and hit the pillow…

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