Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Surprise! An Extra Day Off!

The band's singer has a sore throat and a bad cold, so tonight's show in Saratoga Springs has been postponed for two months. So, after last night's load-out in Philadelphia, we headed for Pittsburgh, where we already had two days off scheduled. Now, it's gonna be three. No complaints here.

We're staying at the Westin Convention Center, about 6 blocks walk from The Strip, the cool downtown area with a bunch of killer bars and restaurants. Also, located in the hotel lobby, is the Original Fish House, a killer seafood place. I've probably eaten there 10 or 11 times over the years, because whenever there's a day off in the 'Burgh, it's usually at this hotel.

Met up with Julie and Marguerite for dinner tonight in the O.F.H. It was killuh as always…

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