Monday, May 18, 2009

Show Day in Birmingham, AL

Up around 6am, grabbed a shower in a pretty raunchy and dirty shower building by the bus parking area. I've never been one of those guys who brings "shower slippers" on the road, but after this place, I may reconsider that notion…

I actually watched a couple of songs tonight. The band is starting to grow on me. Met them all yesterday at the Atlanta show and they're all genuinely nice people. I'm kinda surprised at how nice everyone is out here. Feels like I've said that a million times, but it's true.

Finished work around midnight, which gave me a little time for blogging and websurfing, and of course, buying some more CD's from Amazon, just what I need. I must have 15 unpacked boxes of the damn things at home from when I bought my house and moved in 3 years ago, yet I still buy 6-12 more per month. WTF?

We've got a 13-hour drive tonight, from Birmingham to Virginia Beach. I'll be hatin' it, because even though I won't go to bed until around 3, I'll still be up by 8. Which means we'll still be 7 hours from the hotel. I just want to get there and get my run in before I meet my buddy Kirk (who lives there) for a couple of beers.

OK, I absolutely have to share this photo with y'all. I so wish I had been at this party. Best EVER from the looks of it:

Off to the bus…

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