Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Running Away...

Had to run in old shoes this morning because I shipped my new ones to Florida in my road case the other day. I'm gonna try to run every day off during my upcoming tour. Fingers crossed on that thought.

Those damn shoes were 'bout wore out! Probably shouldn't have done that and I bet my knees will be killing me tomorrow.

I'm running away to join the circus tomorrow. Nah, actually flying to West Palm Beach, FL, because I've been hired to do the Colplay tour. Should be an interesting summer…

Met up with about 10 friends on the Ale House deck tonight for a "Bob's Going Away" dinner. Also, to watch the Carolina Hurricanes hockey game. Unfortunately, they got their heads handed to them. Ugly game.

After that, I went with Foy & Terry for one round at Northside. For once, I did the right thing and left after the one beer. Home and in bed shortly after midnight.

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