Friday, May 22, 2009

Day Off in Hartford, CT

Got to the hotel nice and early this morning, giving me the whole day to knock out my huge list of things to accomplish today, which was as follows:

1. Go for a run
2. Watch the "24" season finale on my computer
3. Go to dinner with my buddy Dennis

I know, what a joke, right?

As soon as Marguerite handed me my room key, I bolted to my room, changed, and went to the gym on the 5th floor to run on the treadmill. As I said before, I'm not really a fan of treadmills, but running around in downtown Hartford doesn't sound like a good idea.

After that, I walked around the neighborhood for a bit, then grabbed a sandwich to take to my room for lunch.

Hung in the room until about 6pm, when Dennis showed up. Dennis is my tour manager on the Josh Groban tour and he lives about an hour away in a Boston suburb.

We had a great meal and a good bottle of wine around the corner at Morton's. I was back in my room by about 8, which was fine by me. Dennis had to get home with his wife Barbara's steak dinner that he ordered as we were having dessert.

I was tired as hell from 4 or 5 nights of very little sleep, so I laid down and took a 45-minute nap, after which I putzed around the room for a bit, repacking my clean laundry and buying a few CD's online. Finally got in bed around 10:30…

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