Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day Off in Cincinnati

We're staying at the Downtown Hilton (on 5th St.), right in the middle of everything fun to do in Cincinnati (that I know of). I got into my room around 2pm, changed, and went downstairs to the gym to run. Made it about 1.4 miles when a searing pain shot through my left knee. No idea what caused it, but after several attempts to continue the run, I gave up and got on a stationary bike. I had forgotten what a good workout you can get on a bike, and my knee didn't hurt at all from riding it. I had a mondo-ass river of sweat pouring off of me by the time I was done. It was fun!

Later in the afternoon, I dragged a few of the crew guys to my fave Cinci watering hole, the Cadillac Ranch. There were 5 or 6 of us, and we stayed there for a few hours.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped and listened to a Brazilian pop band playing outside at some sort of fund-raiser. They were really good. I wanted to hear "The Girl From Ipanema," but they never got around to playing it. (Someone later told me they played it right after I left – damn!) As we were leaving, we ran into another group of folks who were on their way to Rock Bottom Brewery. I jumped in with that crowd for a bit. They were all eating, but I just had a couple of beers.

I was back in my room by 11…

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