Thursday, June 11, 2009

Travel Day to Des Moines

Long, crappy day stuck on the bus. We pulled away from the venue in San Antonio last night a few minutes before 2am. I woke up around 8am, got dressed, and headed up front to hang out with Charlie.

And that's how it was, all day long…

We finally pulled up to the Renaissance Savery Hotel in downtown Des Moines at 6:45pm. Seventeen hours trapped on a 45-foot submarine. I couldn't get to my room and into the shower fast enough. As I was showering, I realized I hadn't had enough water to drink all day and was feeling pretty dehydrated, to the point of having a low-grade headache. Damn sure didn't feel like going out on a restaurant hunt, so I checked the room service menu, decided it looked more than sufficient, and headed down to the lobby bar.

Had a really good glass of Penfold's Cabernet, and ordered a shrimp cocktail that was terrific. The next appetizer I got, though, was the bomb. It was a country fried tuna dish (I know – weird, right?). They took a tuna steak, coated it with Japanese panko (bread crumbs), and flash fried it. The tuna was rare, but warm, the panko coating light and tasty. It was served with a ginger-soy sauce and wasabi mayonnaise. Yummy!

I was eventually joined by Piers (the band's chef), Minh (carpenter), Marguerite (production coordinator) and Tiffany (wardrobe). A glass or two of wine later, I headed up to my room.

On a bum note, today marked the first day off city that I didn't go running. After 17 hours trapped on the bus, I just didn't feel like it. No guilt, no excuses, just wasn't gonna do it.

Finally got in bed around 11:30…

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Anonymous said...

didn't realize that des moines was known for its seafood-which coast is that on?