Monday, June 8, 2009

Second Day Off in New Orleans

After staying up pretty late last night, I slept in today (yeah, right!) getting up at the ungodly hour of 8:30. WTF! Maybe tonight will be the night I get some sleep…

Between my running/walking at the gym yesterday and walking all over the French Quarter last night, my legs were toasted today. I wound up going down to the hotel gym again and walking 3 miles just to loosen them up. Within an hour, though, my left knee was totally tightening up again.

Had lunch at Mother's again today, this time alone. Jessica was working today - boo.

Here's the world's best sammich – a Mother's Oyster Po' Boy, along with an ice-cold Dixie beer, fries and a bottle of Crystal Hot Sauce. The only way to possibly improve this meal would be to use Texas Pete Hot Sauce instead, but heck, I'm in Louisiana, so I don't mind using the local stuff. But no way in hell would I defile this sandwich with that nasty Tabasco – it has more heat than flavor, Texas Pete has more flavor than heat. Crystal is close enough to Pete that I'll use it.

The Po' Boy Mecca:

Sat in my room most of the afternoon, even squeezed in a 45-minute nap. Sure needed that.

Eventually wandered over to Acme Oyster House for dinner. I recently saw it featured on the Travel Channel and realized I'd never eaten there in all the times I've been to New Orleans. It was pretty rocking. My favorite dish there was the Chargrilled Oysters. That's oysters grilled on an open flame and topped with seasoned butter and grated Romano cheese. They're served with small toasted pieces of French bread, which you can dip into all the goo. The goo being oyster juice, butter and melted cheese. Good stuff!

I wasn't very hungry after that, but I ordered a PeaceMaker, anyway. That's a Po'Boy sammich that comes with fried oysters on one half and fried shrimp on the other. It was OK, but Mother's sammiches are better.

After dinner, I wandered around on Bourbon Street looking for a good band to watch. Found a couple of them. One had a bad-ass guitarist who was a blast to watch. He was a helluva player. They were a cover band, but played tunes I like (uh, that pretty much means the music from the 70's) and this kid would deconstruct all the guitar riffs and solos and just OWN them. They did everything from James Brown to the Stones to Van Halen and were great!

The other band I really liked was playing at Fat Catz. Eight-piece, all bruthas, and they rocked like mofo's. Their guitarist was a complete bad-ass, too. The 3-piece horn section was killin' it. These guys played a little bit of every style, too. Funk to pop to soul to straight up rock. When they did Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer," the dance floor quickly filled.

I watched them for probably the better part of an hour before heading out. Ran into 5 of our truck drivers on Bourbon Street as I was moseying back to the hotel. Hung out with them for a few minutes, but I was done for the evening…

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