Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day Off in New Orleans

It wasn't really a good week for blogging – I had a pretty busy week, with shows on Monday & Tuesday, then our only triple night run of the tour on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

Today, we start 2 days off in New Orleans.

I sat up with the gang on the bus pretty late last night. I was in the mood for a glass of wine, and wound up having a couple of them. Finally crawled into my bunk just before 4:30am and managed to sleep until around 8:20 this morning.

Got up and went up front to hang out with driver Charlie. He's a hoot and makes me laugh with his stories. We pulled up to the hotel shortly after noon.

We're staying at a great hotel called the Windsor Court Hotel. I have a killer room, with a great view…

Blazed to the room to change and then headed (where else?) to the gym to run. Managed a couple of miles and walked another 4 or so.

At one point during the afternoon, I had to go to the lobby for something and there was an honest-to-god string quartet playing classical music in the lobby. I stood and watched them for a few minutes and really enjoyed it.

As soon as I was done with that, I walked around the corner to Mother's to get an Oyster Po'Boy. I think Mother's has the best Po'Boys in New Orleans. If you think differently, let me know. I'll be happy to try another place, but I bet they don't measure up.

While standing in line to place my order, the cute brunette in front of me struck up a conversation, which led to her inviting me to share her table – turned out we were both there dining alone. Her name was Jessica, she was 45, from DC, and cute as hell. She was in town for business and staying at the Intercontinental, a few blocks over. We sat there for an hour eating and chatting, which reminds me of a t-shirt I once owned. It had a picture of Albert Einstein on it and said "Sit on a hot stove for a minute and it feels like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour and it feels like a minute." True dat, Albert!

Anyway, after lunch, I wound up back in my room for a couple more hours, reading and working on the computer. Split just before 8 to go meet Jessica for dinner and drinks…

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