Sunday, October 19, 2008

Show Day in St. Paul

Nothing much to report today. Our show is at the Xcel Energy Center, the arena where the Republican National Convention was held a few weeks ago. At one point today, I thought I detected the odor of Sarah Palin.

Or maybe somebody came and farted in my room. Hard to tell.

My dear friend Missy Boucher came by this evening and visited for a few hours. She was our Production Assistant on the last R. Kelly tour and I most recently saw her when she passed through Raleigh this summer as Maroon 5's Tour Accountant. She's a total sweetie (and a hottie!) and I miss working with her.

Heading to Milwaukee tonight after the show for a day off tomorrow. Gonna be laundry day for me…


Anonymous said...

Boorish. Webster

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