Monday, October 13, 2008

Day Off in Tulsa

We're staying at a Renaissance Hotel out on the highway, outside of town. I was awake this morning and sitting up front with Reb for the last 100 miles or so coming into Tulsa. I was a bit surprised when we got off the highway 10 miles from downtown. We usually stay at downtown hotels where there are things to do nearby. But this hotel is hell and gone from town.

Turned out to be OK. There was a shopping center nearby, which had a Super Target, a bunch of other stores, and some decent shopping.

I hit the Target for some personal items, then snagged a couple of things from Office Max. Walked around a bit to scope out the evening's dining options, then returned to my room to hang out for most of the day.

Met up with John down at the lobby bar around 5. An hour later, there were probably 8 or 9 roadies sitting around when the topic of discussion turned to politics. I'm not gonna go into details here, but it got real ugly real quick. It seems there's a few dumbasses in our midst. John and I quietly ducked out of there, along with Lowell Hawley, our lighting crew chief.

We wound up a few blocks away at the Carabba's Italian restaurant, safely out of the dumbass zone...

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