Monday, October 20, 2008

Day Off in Milwaukee

Yay! Day off in Milwaukee. I've always liked this town. We're staying at the Hyatt on Kilbourne, about a block away from tomorrow's venue.

I woke up about a half-mile from the hotel this morning. We pulled up at 6am sharp. I'd only slept about 5 hours by that time, but I didn't see any sense in going back to sleep. I read the paper, watched a little TV, took a shower and headed out to the coin laundry about 4 blocks away.

After laundry, I came back and hung out in my room until about 4:45, then took off to find the old man bar I'd gone drinking at when I was here 2 years ago.

Being the bright guy I am, I checked my blog archives to see what the name of the place was.

Being the dumbass I am, I discovered that I never wrote down the name of the place. Lucky me, I did note the bartender's name, Sandy, who was 50 at the time.

I kinda remembered the layout of the street the bar was on, and by checking a map, I narrowed it down to a 4-block stretch running north and south. Problem was, it was on one of four different parallel streets in that area. Crap!

Only took me about 10 minutes to walk to that area, then a few more minutes to eliminate 2 of the streets. The third one looked familiar, and I stuck my head into the first bar that might be the place. Asked if a lady named Sandy used to bartend here, and sure as hell, I was in the right place.

I called John and told him where I was and he showed up about 20 minutes later. Another 30 minutes later, Matt Dillon (our stage manager) and Brian Custer (our AEG production guy) joined up.

Had a few more rounds, then headed off to the little Germantown area just past the hotel. We decided on Mader's, a place that’s been around many years. The food was damn good, the service was great.

And as is typical on this tour, I was back in my room long before misbehavin' time kicked in.

For the record, my fave drinking hole in Milwaukee is called My Office. Love the name – "Sorry, honey, I'll be at My Office late tonight. Don't wait up." If you ever make it to Milwaukee, stop by – it's at 73 N. Milwaukee Street. Bob and Warren the bartenders will take good care of you. Or Sandy will, if you come by on Fridays, the only day she works these days…

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