Friday, October 3, 2008

Day Off in Reno, NV

After last night's gig in Sacramento, we drove directly to our hotel here in Reno. Got here around 3:30am and went straight into our rooms. I got in bed around 4:15 or so.

Up at 9:30. Kinda hate that I slept that late and I hope it won't keep me up tonight.

Never left the building all day. We're staying at the Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino. I fucking HATE casinos, so I really had no reason to even go downstairs. I did finally go get a newspaper around 4:30, though.

Met up with John at 5pm for drinks in the bar. About 30 minutes later, there were 8 or 9 crew guys joining us. Five of us went to dinner in one of the hotel restaurants. Damn good food. Not cheap, but good.

Back in the room before 10pm…

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