Monday, October 27, 2008

Day Off in Trenton - WTF!

Whatever idiot decided to put us up in Trenton for our day off needs a beatdown. Philly is 20 minutes away and there are a million great hotels and plenty to do. Here in Trenton, there's zippo. Zilch. Nada. As in, nada fucking thing.

With fuckall else to do, I decided to go do laundry. Didn't really need to, just had time to kill. The laundromat was a $5.00 cab ride away, which was great. Big place, like 50 washers and 50 dryers.

I grabbed a killer slice of pizza next door for lunch, and then spent 45 minutes wandering around the grocery store in the same shopping center. Can you say bored? I'd already read 2 newspapers on the bus this morning while sitting up front with Reb, so wandering the grocery store was about all there was to do.

Back at the hotel, I actually took a little nap, from which it was very hard to get up. John's staying in his room tonight to watch his Phillies in the World Series, and it's pretty nasty outside, so I figured I'd stay in the building for the night.

Met up with a few folks in the bar. A bucket of 5 Buds was only 10 bucks. That's a killer deal for a hotel bar. Nice lady sitting next to me was Debbie, from Vermont. She's an insurance claims adjuster for Lloyd's of London. Boy, did she have some stories!

After I killed my bucket o' beer, I ordered a Portobello mushroom sandwich and a couple more Buds to go, and went to my room to watch TV. This was around 8, and I made it to bed around 10:30.

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