Monday, October 6, 2008

Day Off in Phoenix

OK, not really Phoenix. Our hotel is in Scottsdale, AZ. But it's a Phoenix suburb and you can't really tell when you leave one area and enter the next. And tomorrow's gig is in Glendale, a suburb on the other side of town.

Had lunch today with Steve Kidd and his lovely wife Vikira, along with our mutual friend Robert Mason. Steve is Rage Against The Machine's manager AND tour manager, and Robert Mason used to be the singer in Cry Of Love, a band I tour managed for about 7 years back in the 90's. Man, that sounds strange to say…

Anyway, Robert is now the new singer in the band Warrant. You know, "Cherry Pie" and "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and all that. Hell, I still listen to them, don't you?

They came and picked me up at the hotel and we went down the street to a great bar/restaurant called Oregano's and sat outside. The weather was nice, high 80's and no humidity at all.

After lunch, back to the hotel where we sat around the fire pit by the pool area and chatted until it was time for Steve and Vikira to go pick up their son from school. Robert split when they did and I headed to my room for a bit.

Met up with the usual suspects in the bar at 5 and we wound up having dinner in the hotel's killer bar & grille, sitting outside once again.

Made it back to my room by 10 or so…

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