Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Show Day in Phoenix

Again, not really Phoenix. Our gig today is in Glendale, AZ, a different suburb of Phoenix.

Around lunchtime, Angela (our production assistant) sticks her head into my office and tells me that catering has honest-to-god sweet tea. Now, Angela's from Nashville, so I tell her she should know better. There's just no way in hell that an Arizona catering company can make genuine sweet tea. She ain't having any of my crap, and insists that I accompany her to catering right this instant to try it.

Damn if she ain't right. I mean, it's not my Mom's tea, which I would always describe to people as being glucose with a little food coloring in it. But, man oh man, this is some good tea. It's been awhile since I've had any good sweet tea. I think the last time was at the family Christmas dinner last December.

I wound up drinking 3 glasses of it and bouncing off the walls for hours.

My friend Molly Brickson came by the venue to visit and have dinner with me. Molly and I have toured together all this year on Rage Against The Machine and we toured together on the All-American Rejects back in 2006. She's doing a show in this building tomorrow and has the night off tonight, so she was just looking for a little hang time.

Long ride tonight to Dallas, some 1070 miles. I should sleep real well…

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