Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Biking, More Snakes

By far the biggest damn copperhead I've come across on the trail this year:
And yes, he's in snake hell right now.

As I was leaving the house this morning, a tree in the park across the street from my next-door neighbor's house had lost a massive limb, which fell across and entirely blocked my street. There was a police officer sitting in his cruiser by it, to warn approaching traffic. Yeah, like anybody is rolling down this street at 8am.

Anyway, I spoke briefly with the officer and asked him if it was illegal to kill poisonous snakes when I encounter them on the greenway. He spent a few minutes looking at his police-officering stuff and said no, doesn't look like it. I told him I'd be happy to stop if it was against the law, but he said go on ahead. He also said he kills EVERY poisonous snake he encounters.

About 9 miles into my ride, I came across this cutie:She was beautiful. And so big!

The stupid fake shutter sound on my camera scared her off as I was taking photos of her. I packed the camera away and all of a sudden, her mate popped out into the open. He, too, was kind enough to stand still (as we both stared at each other) while I pulled the camera back out to get a few shots of him.

The shutter sound sent him running, too. Guess I should turn the stupid thing off.

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