Friday, July 18, 2008

Five Days And Counting

Yeah, had a bit of a head when I got up this morning. The first time I woke up was around 4am, still sitting in my chair in front of the TV set. I think I fell asleep around 2am there, watching some dumb TV show. Staggered off to bed. Got up for good about 8:30 and didn't feel good enough to take a bike ride. Dammit!

Met Jeff & Kim at Salsa Fresh for dinner. They really like to sit outside there, but it was so freakin' hot I left after my second beer.

Came home, watched the ARCA race, fell asleep.

My friend Nikki had called and wanted to meet up with me for drinks, but by the time I got her message, I was totally out of gas. I'm lame…

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