Sunday, July 13, 2008

Show Day in County Kildare, Ireland

Seven am came waaaay too early today. I only got about 3 hours of sleep and it gets worse tonight, when I'll likely get none.

We flew from Glasgow to Dublin this morning, then everyone jumped on a bus and headed out to Kildare, about 45-60 minutes away, to the Oxegen Festival site. Everyone but me, that is. I took everyone's luggage over to tonight's hotel here at the Dublin airport. Got everyone checked in, put all the luggage in their rooms, turned on Spragoo's air conditioner, and then I jumped back into the cargo van with a runner who drove me to the site.

Uneventful day. Catering was kickass again today, but was about a half-mile across the site and a pain in the butt to get to.

Tonight's my last night with the band until late August. They're playing Lollapalooza in Chicago on the first weekend of August, but I won't be with them for that show, as I'm not needed.

Shot of the band on stage tonight:

Got back to the hotel very late...

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