Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Travel Day to Lisbon, Portugal

Arrived in London at 6:30am. The bad news is that I have an 8½-hour layover, which would normally be pretty crappy. The good news is that I booked a room at the YOTEL, located inside Terminal 4. Check it out HERE. If you click on the dropdown menu at the top, then click 360 YOTEL cabin tours, you'll be directed to a page where you can select Premium Cabin and take a video tour of the little room. It was awesome. I got about 3 hours of sleep there, then grabbed a shower, checked email and headed off to another terminal to get on the flight to Lisbon.

Made it to the Sofitel Hotel, dropped bags and headed down to the bar to meet everyone. We were drinking Sagres, a terrific Portugese beer. Great little bar, looked like this from where I sat:

The rooms are pretty nice here, too. Here's what my bathroom looked like:

The room actually had a couple of vases with fresh flowers in them:

Nine or ten of us went to dinner at a seafood place a couple of blocks away called Sancho. Damn good! I had some of the largest tiger prawns I'd ever seen in my life. Dinner, drinks, desserts, and tip came out to 52 Euros (about $88 usd) each.

Straight back to the hotel bar afterwards for a few rounds of nightcaps.

Someone suggested to JT (security guy) that he should eat the worm from the bottle of Mezcal. He said only if we killed the bottle. So I told the bartender to bring down the bottle. A few rounds of shots later, JT was eating the worm. You might have to click on this one to blow it up to see the worm:

Off to bed at stupid o'clock…

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