Sunday, July 20, 2008

Three Days And Counting

I have always, always loved Sunday mornings. There is nothing finer that putting on some quiet classical music and spending a couple of hours with the newspaper. Had to cut it short this morning, though, to get in a bike ride before it got stupid hot outside.

Today's mileage = 27.68

Summer total = 322.32

Then I spent most of the afternoon reading the rest of the paper and watching a couple of TV shows I'd Tivo'd a few days ago.

Decided around 5:30 that I should jump in my car and go buy a Camelback hydration system. Got the Rogue, (the 70 oz. model), which is a helluva lot bigger than my 24 oz. water bottle. I've been having to ration my water on my 2-hour rides to make sure I don't run out, which sucks when it's 95 degrees out. Now I should be able to drink when I want to.

While I was at North Hills, I stuck my head into Target to grab a few things, then headed home to catch up on a few blog entries. Did some good carb-loading, too, for tomorrow's bike ride.

Carb-loading as in Budweisers, that is…

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