Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One More Day To Go

I'm excited. The Four Days of Bob start tomorrow. Hope I live through it all.

Did I mention how much I love my Camelbak? It might be the coolest bicycle accessory ever. Can you say 70 oz. of ice cold water? I'll still need my regular bottle because even 70 oz. isn't enough to get me through the 50-mile I'm planning to take tomorrow morning to start my birthday.

Nearly ran over a bunny today – little fellow came out of nowhere, and darted right in front of me. I was only doing 12 or 14mph at the time, so I locked down the brakes and managed to avoid him by a foot or so.

Today's mileage = 26.75

Summer total = 375.87

Target mileage = +23

Met up with the tent rental guy this afternoon. We're still looking at a good chance of rain for the party Saturday night but the tent will prevent most, if not all, problems should some fall. Of course, since the fee in non-refundable, it won't rain a damn drop!

Because I am trying to listen to the women in my life, I went and got health insurance today, something I've been without for the last 18 years.

Now maybe they'll all shaddup.

Doubt it.

Can't for the life of me figure out where the rest of the day went…

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Fish Camp Barbie said...

Happy Bob Day to you!
Happy Bob Day to you!

Is that the guitar you gave Danielle?