Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rainy Day


I got up early today to ride, but it started raining just as I was leaving the house. I just can't see how I'm gonna be able to finish my Thousand Mile Summer. I'm only at 718 miles as of yesterday and I'm running out of time. Rage added a show in Minneapolis that's costing me 4 days of riding and it looks like I'm gonna pick up another tour that I'll fly out for on September 9th which will cost me another 11 days of prime riding.

I got in 4 miles today before heading back to the house.

Maybe I better resolve myself to the fact that I won't make it.


Went to the Journey/Heart/Cheap Trick show tonight with the one and only Jen (Walker) Cuthbertson. We had a blast! Cheap Trick was rockin'. We missed Heart because we were socializing out on the midway. Got a couple of cool shots of the pick cloud sunset:Unfortunately, you can't really tell from this shot just how intense the colors were.

Journey was awesome, with their new Filipino singer dude. He was nailing every note Steve Perry ever sang and added a lot of energy to the show.

I haven't had that good of a time at a rock show since last year's Def Leppard/Bryan Adams event.

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