Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hammer Down

Did my longest bike ride ever today, 56.5 miles. First time I've ever done back-to-back days over 50 miles. Hell, it's only the 4th time ever that I've ridden 50 miles. If I was on a road bike, it wouldn't be that big a deal, but I'm riding a 14-year old mountain bike with knobby trail tires and NO shocks. I love my beat-up old Trek 930, but it is definitely not made to be riding long distances on.

Then again, why do this if it's gonna be easy?

Total as of today – 828.99 miles. Looking good to finish.

Saw the coolest thing today. I was rounding a curve on Hertford and right in front of me, sitting on the curb, was a HUGE hawk. I kinda startled him and he took off when I was less than 12 feet away from him. He flew away with such power that I felt the turbulence from his mighty wings as he launched himself skyward. Way cool. I couldn't believe how big that bad boy was…

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