Saturday, August 16, 2008


I did it! The Thousand Mile Summer is done. This time last week I thought I wasn't gonna make it, but after dedicating the ride to my mom's "never give up" spirit, I managed to pull it off.

It meant doing another 50-miler today, which was my fifth 50+ ride this week. I've ridden a bit over 278 miles since Monday morning. And you better believe I won't be getting on the bike tomorrow morning – I'm sleeping in.

Here's my trusty 1994 Trek 930:I love this bike. During the Thousand Mile Summer, I had no mechanical problems, not one flat tire, nothing. This poor bike has been wrecked numerous times, and beaten half to death, but it just keeps rolling along.

Saw a really, really long Black Snake today. Might have been the longest one I'd ever seen. And don't worry, he's safe...

Went to the Live/Blues Traveler/Collective Soul show tonight with my friend Nikki. My buddy Garrett is the LD for all 3 bands, so went out a little early to hang out with him before the show started. Met up Paige, Greg, and their neighbor Amy there, too. Collective Soul was OK. We all hate Blues Traveler and want to kill that fucker with the harmonica, so during their set, we left and had dinner at the Hotpoint Deli, arriving back at the venue just as Live was hitting the stage. They were boring as hell, so we all left about 8 songs into their set.

After dropping Nikki off, I was in for the evening by 10:30…

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