Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time To Pack And Go...

My flight to Raleigh tomorrow is at 11am. To get me to the airport by 9am, we would have to leave no later than 4am because the motorways are jammed early in the day. It's a drive that can be made in 90-120 minutes at certain times of day, but it can take 5-6 hours at other times. Rather than go through that, I got a hotel room for tonight AT Heathrow Airport, so I can get a good night's sleep before flying.

Dave and John, just before I had to leave:

We left Shaftesbury a little after 1:30 and got to the hotel shortly after 3. Stopped at Stonehenge on the way up and took a few shots. I didn't want to waste the time and the fee to go in, so we just pulled off the road and took photos:

After checking into the hotel, I went with Dave over to his buddy Tony's house about 20 minutes away. Hung out there for a bit, then Dave, Tony, Tony's wife Liz, their daughter Melissa and I went to a very good Chinese restaurant nearby for dinner.

Afterwards, Dave dropped me back by my hotel, and he headed south to Dorset. I hit the bar for a couple of beers and was in my room around 11pm…

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