Monday, October 2, 2006

Travel Day to NYC/Storrs, CT

Finally going back to work today. Paige drops me at the airport just before noon. As soon as I'm on the ground at JFK in New York, I call Kenny Soule to see what he's up to. I've got 7-8 hours to kill in the city before our bus leaves sometime after midnight.

Lucky me – Kenny's gigging tonight with his country-music-live-karaoke band out in Brooklyn. So after grabbing a slice for dinner, I jump on the train and head out. The club -- Hank's Saloon -- is a couple of blocks walk from the Atlantic Ave. station in Brooklyn, and Kenny's standing outside chatting on his phone when I walk up.

I only get an hour and a half to enjoy it before I have to split to make bus call. That's because they didn't start until 10. The singer of the band is the guy who runs the karaoke. Don't remember his name, but he's funny as hell and between drunks doing bad karaoke, the band plays 4 or 5 of his original songs, which are damn good. My favorite one is called "The Older I Get, The Better I Used To Be."

I make it to my bus call at 12:30, but of course we don't roll until after 1:15. First night on my new bus, with a bunch of dudes I don't know. Hit the hay just as we're pulling out of the city.

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