Monday, October 9, 2006

Day Off in Richmond

Got up at 8 this morning, while the bus was sitting in a truckstop. Everyone on both buses is passed out cold – I’m told that they all came out of the bar around 6am. Glad I went to bed.

Since the rooms won't be ready until 10, I tell my bus driver to pull over at the next Waffle House. We find one about 15 minutes later, so I treat Steve (crew driver) and Mark (band driver) to breakfast.

Pull up to the hotel at 10am. Everyone's still passed out on both buses. I go handle the check in, put the keys on each bus, and head up to my room. Drop bags, then I take a walk to see what's around.

Nothing. One British pub (The Penny Lane Pub) about 7 blocks away, but downtown Richmond is dead, dead, dead. I can't believe it. Stores are boarded up all over, and it looks like downtown Raleigh did 20+ years ago.

My brother Bill lives here out in the 'burbs, but I don't think I'll have time to see him today.

I decide to have lunch on the bus – PB&J. Quick, cheap.

Wound up having dinner on the bus, too – another PB&J. Watched "How I Met Your Mother" while dining, then headed back to my room.

In bed around 11:30…

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