Saturday, October 14, 2006

Show Day in Wilmington

Late load-in today, 11:00am. I'm up around 8, take a walk inside to wander around this strange place we're playing today. We're in Wilmington, DE, at The Big Kahuna. It's kinda like a Dave & Buster's, or Jillian's. A big restaurant/entertainment complex, with several restaurants and bars, a gigantic arcade-like game room, and 3 or 4 stages in various rooms. We're playing the outdoor stage, which has a capacity of roughly 4,000.

Gonna be kind of cold out on the stage tonight.

Around 7pm, I head out to the bus to watch the Charlotte race. Dale, Jr. came in 4th, which moved him up to 5th place in points with 5 races left. I'd love to see him win a championship, but I'm not so sure his team is capable to pulling it off.

Singer Tyson's girlfriend arrives around 7pm – she's flown in from Dallas and will be out on the tour for a week. She is just the nicest young lady and Tyson absolutely glows when she's around. My friend Sarah told me she's a model and that you can't open a woman's magazine these days without seeing her.

We're not leaving for Maryland until 6am, so our tour manager talks the venue into letting us have access to the building until stupid o'clock and then he orders 5 cases of beer and a few bottles of liquor for after the show. I hung out for a while, and had one beer. Finally went out and got to Bunkyville around 3am…

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