Friday, October 13, 2006

Show Day in Bethlehem

Nice venue today – Stabler Arena at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, NY. Smallish room, perfect for a concert. I'm not a fan of 20,000 seat rooms with "nosebleed" seating for half the patrons.

Idiot caterer put the vegetarian entrée (stuffed pasta shells with marinara sauce) out on the catering table at dinner, along with the other entrees. There was only enough for about 4 people (I'm one of only 2 "official" vegetarians on this tour), so of course the first 6 people that got there completely wiped it out. I went off on the 2 catering idiots. You never, ever put out the veggie entrée unless you have enough of it to feed a hell of a lot of people. Because if you do, suddenly everyone's a part-time veg or a veg-for-a-day or whatever, and they eat IT instead of their chopped up animal corpses. What you do is hold it back somewhere and issue it only upon request, or at the very least mark it "Vegetarians Only."

One of them suggested that there were still some veggie sandwiches left from lunch, which REALLY fucking set me off. I told her that they were shit at lunch, and now that they had been sitting out for 7 hours, I sure as hell wasn't gonna have them again for dinner. Wouldn't feed 'em to a dog. Fucking idiot.

So, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the bus was my dinner du jour.

My friend Sarah and her boyfriend Alex come out from Jersey to see the show and hang out tonight. It was nice to see her. I think this was the first time this year we saw each other.

In the bunk around 3…

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