Sunday, October 15, 2006

Show Day in Salisbury

Today's show is in Salisbury, MD, at Salisbury State University. Nice campus. Student population of about 7,000. 2300 or so of them will be at the show tonight.

Caught most of the Panthers game on the bus this afternoon. They won!

Not much else going on today. We have a day off in Philly tomorrow, but I haven't contacted any friends there about doing anything. After 4 shows in a row, I just want to chill out in my room. Even that is gonna get interrupted, because we're gonna go load in at Villanova University around 6pm for our show there on Tuesday. We can't do anything in the venue on show day until after 5pm, so we HAVE to load in Monday night. Sucks because we're just coming off a 4 in a row, then after a "sort of" day off tomorrow, we have a 3 in a row. That'll make 8 days straight without a real, true total day off.

But hey, that's why we make the big bucks…

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