Sunday, October 8, 2006

Show Day in Baltimore

Today's gonna be a good day – I have a TV in the production office. Can't get the Panthers game, but I can see the Talladega race.

We're playing Loyola College in Baltimore. Nice venue, the people running this place are totally on the ball. And their using my favorite DC-based catering company, Hightopps. They're the best!

Dale, Jr. got screwed on the last lap by an idiot steering-wheel-holder named Vickers who managed to wreck Jr. and another steering-wheel-holder at the same time, costing Jr. a third place finish at the very least and (more likely) a win. June was leading during the final lap when Vickers (moron) caused the accident. Idiot!

Panthers won, although I didn't get to see any of it. Maybe next week.

After the show tonight, we jump on the buses and haul to Gaithersburg, MD, where the band's tour manager knows the owner of a large bar who's agreed to let us come party after hours. We pull up just before 2am and everyone heads inside. I have exactly one draft Bud before I decide it's just too damn loud, dark and smoky inside. I head out to the buses, chat with the drivers for a while, then hit my bunk around 3am…

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