Friday, October 6, 2006

Show Day in Syracuse

Man, I need some sleep. Finally got in my bunk last night (this morning?) around 2:15. Woke up at 6:09. No way I'm gonna fall back to sleep, so I crawl out and get dressed. Kinda chilly outside when I step out. Find an open door to the venue and go wander around to see everything.

Today we're playing at Goldstein Auditorium on the campus of Syracuse University. The good news is that today's catering is the best of the tour so far, 3 shows in. The last 2 shows' catering was complete shit.

Just past 6pm, Tyson (the singer) is doing an interview with the campus station in the dressing room. Turns out that the station is also available to listen to live on their website. Somebody comes up with the idea to shoot out a message to all of the band's "friends" on their MySpace page and give out the station's phone number so fans can call and speak to the band. Over the next 15 minutes or so, a couple of calls trickle in, then one of the girls posts on the MySpace page that she had just spoken to Tyson.

All hell breaks loose, and the phone lights up like a Christmas tree. The band spends the next 2 hours goofing on the phone with their fans. Crew guys get in on it and there's a lot of funny shit being said by everybody.

Several of us are listening in via the station's website as we sit around the production office. Tyson gives me a shout out, dedicating a song to me and saying that I'm probably down the hall crunching numbers. He even calls me Bobzilla on the air. Props. Props to the old man…


I've started watching the first 4 songs of our set every night, because 2 of them are faves of mine from the record. The last song of the night is, too, but I miss it tonight because I'm busy doing other stuff.

I also missed our opening act's set tonight. They're called Damone and they fuckin' rock! Really cool, 70's hard rock kind of vibe with a chick singer. I've got both of their records at home, and they're even better live.

The Rejects' agent from CAA, Jenna Adler, is visiting tonight from LA. Jenna rocks! I've been working with her off and on since 2002 with various bands. Always good to see her.

I spend some time blogging after the show, and head out to the bus around 1:15…

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