Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day Off in Savannah

Up and at 'em at 8:30 because I've got a big workday today. All the stuff I blew off yesterday had to get done today. I even ordered room service (which I never do) so I wouldn't have to leave the room.

Every 20 minutes, I'd look out the window to see these monster freighters going by. They were huge. I just had to stare at them. Some had 9 story towers on top of the decks. I counted the sea containers on one as it went by. It held like 1300-plus of them. Amazing.

Each one of those sea containers you see stacked on the back of this ship is as big as the 53-foot trailer on an 18-wheel truck. By my count, there are 106 of them on just the back row:
Click any photo to enlarge.

Got sick of the room around 7 and called Janet to see if she wanted to grab dinner. We found a sushi joint a couple of blocks away. Interesting place. A bunch of slacker art-school college students working and dining there. The food was decent and cheap.

At one point, as things there were winding down for the night, our waiter was sweeping under the table of the booth directly behind me. Suddenly he swept out a pair of black panties. From under the table? WTF? A different kind of sushi, indeed…

Went to bed early – 5:30's coming much too early tomorrow.

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Jeff Hart said...

impressive. almost depressing, even. mainly as i'm gonna have to read up on physics again to understand why that sucker doesn't sink.