Friday, January 18, 2008

Show Day in Auckland, New Zealand

First Big Day Out show today. I did quite a bit of walking, checking out the entry gates and perimeters. On the advice of fellow tour accountant Chris Risner (Tool, Nine Inch Nails), I bought that big, floppy sun hat the other day. And you better believe it came in handy.

The crowd was over 47,000 strong today. This is what the stadium looked like from the far end. What you see here is a dual-stage main stage area inside the stadium. A total of 13 acts played these 2 stages, alternating on the Orange Stage and the Blue Stage, starting at 11am, with Rage Against The Machine on from 9:20 to 10:30pm.

Click on any of these photos to enlarge them:

The "main stage", as seen from the far end of the stadium.

From behind the main stage. Click on the photo to zoom in and you'll see the Super Loop on the stadium floor. There were more carnival rides spread throughout the festival grounds.

In addition, there were 5 other stages spread out across the festival site, including 2 which were set up inside gigantic tents. Fifty-eight other acts played on those stages throughout the day.

It really is a Big Day Out for these kids.

I watched the first 3 songs by Rage, but went back to my trailer after that. I've got plenty of time to see the whole show.

Back to the hotel by about 1am. Have to get up at 5:45am to fly to Brisbane, Australia.

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