Saturday, January 19, 2008

Travel Day to Australia

Beep-beep, beep-beep, beep-beep -- 5:45am was a wee bit early today. Flying to Brisbane, Australia, then we'll travel 45-50 minutes by car to the Gold Coast area.

The Gold Coast is Australia's leading tourist destination, and has a variety of exciting activities that make it the country's holiday playground. It has over 30 miles of golden sandy beaches, as well as the World Heritage Rainforest just a short drive away.

The Big Day Out site is only about 15 minutes from where we're staying, which is the Marriott Resort.

The view in one direction, taken from my balcony on the 10th floor:

The other direction:

I’m only a block or so from the beach, but I probably won't make it there today.

Wound up working in my room for most of the afternoon. Got out around 7:00 and walked around for about an hour. I was kinda surprised how little there was, near the hotel, in the way of bars and restaurants. Wound up back at the hotel, in the bar. Only had a couple of beers, then headed back to the room to finish catching up on the blog. Ordered a small cheese and fruit plate from room service for dinner around 10.

I'm actually gonna get some sleep tonight, as my call time isn't until 8:45 tomorrow morning.


Neglected to mention that Serj Tankian, the singer from System Of A Down, came to our show in Auckland yesterday. He and Tom Morello (Rage's guitarist) are old friends, so he came to hang out. I worked for System for 4 years and hadn't seen Serj in awhile. Got to sit down with him for about half an hour and get caught up on stuff. Turns out he owns a house in New Zealand these days, so he didn't have too far to travel. Showed me some photos of it - beautiful house, right on the shore.

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